Frequently Asked Questions

Refunds & Transfers

How do I transfer my event pass to another person?
We have a link where you can transfer your pass. Please visit the registrations page and locate the link called "Transfer". Click on it and you will be redirected. All transfers are subject to a $15 processing fee.
If I can't make the event, can I get a refund or sell my ticket?
We will not give refunds or partial refunds. We will however accept transfers until July 15 but will be charged a service fee of $15 per change.

General Event Information

Do I need a partner?
No partner is needed to attend this event. All classes are designed to encourage meeting and dancing with new people.
Is there parking?
Yes, the hotel does offer parking onsite for a fee of $12 a day.
Is this an all ages event?
We welcome all ages to participate at the event. Unfortunately, the lap dance workshop however will not be open to people under 18.
How do I get to the event?
The event is located at
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront.
1800 Bayshore Highway,
Burlingame, California, USA 94010

There is a free shuttle from SFO to the hotel for you convenience.
Is the festival for only advanced dancers?
No, in fact we have a dance bootcamp specifically for the beginners. The festival is designed for all levels of dancers from beginners to advanced. The workshops will list what level the class is geared toward to better help with your selections.
What is a Bachata Festival?
A Bachata festival is a celebration of music and dance with people from all over the world. It consists of 3 full days of dance workshops for all levels and 5 nights of social dancing. The best instructors and dance artists from all over the world are assembled in one location for the best dance experience possible. The hotel, venue and location are in one place. In other words everything will be happening at the hotel.
What is a Masters Workshop?
A masters workshop is designed for the more advanced dancer. This workshop goes more in-depth than a normal workshop and focuses on mastering more advanced moves.


I can only attend one night, is there a night only pass?
We do offer one night, one day, or 2 day passes. However, these passes can only be purchased at the door.
Can I purchase a ticket the day of the event?
Tickets will still be sold the day of the event but at full price. We strongly suggest purchasing tickets online for better savings. Online ticket sales end days before the event. Check the website home page for updates.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We currently accept all major credit cards.
Should I purchase a shirt online or can I purchase one at the event?
We will only offer a very limited quantity of shirts at the event. If you know that you want a shirt we encourage you to purchase one online to guarantee that we have it in stock. We also opt not to sell tshirts at all.
Are there any special deals for the festival?
Yes, this year we are offering special package deals for our customers. There deals save on overall cost if purchase before day of the event.


I have more than one group, do I need a discount code for each one?
Yes, you need separate codes for each performance group. This year we will be designing the shows to mix up large and smaller groups. We need to have an accurate number for each group in order to do this. We will also be taking roll before tech to ensure all members that purchase a performers pass are indeed performing.
Can a director purchase the passes for his/her performers?
Unfortunately no. We ask that each performer registers separately using the groups designated discount code.
Who is able to purchase performers passes?
Only performers that dance 80% or more of a routine may purchase a performers pass. To ensure only performers are purchasing these passes we will generate a list for tech rehearsals to assure that all performers are present. If you purchase a performers pass and are not performing you will be billed for the remaining balance of the standard pass the day of the event. ($250 for standard pass day of event)
How do I purchase a performers pass?
To purchase a performers pass you must be a member of an approved performers group. At that time your director will be issued a discount code to be used for the groups performers.

During The Festival

I lost something, is there a lost and found?
Yes, there will be a lost and found located at the registration desk. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at the event and anything that is not claimed before the conclusion of the event will be donated to charity.
Can I video tape classes or performances?
Video taping classes is strictly prohibited. If you are found video taping we will ask you to leave the class. Most teachers allow you to video tape at the end for a "review" of the class but this is up to the individual instructor.

Video taping performances are allowed but we ask you to be courteous to other attendants and not to block the professional camera crew.
What do I bring to check in the day of the event?
You will need a government issued photo ID to check in the day of the event and pick up your festival t-shirt.