Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:
Sunday, 02 July 2017 18:53

Evelyn (Holland)

Evelyn is one of the most top and sought after zouk performer, teacher, and choreographer in the world. 

She had been a Specialized Dental Technician when she decided to pursue her passion as a dancer. Evelyn's career started at 6 years old as a rhythmic gymnist. This was then followed by street dancing throughout grade school. She acted in a show dance team and with many diverse choreographies. After school, she added salsa, modern dance, ballroom dancing, flamenco and contemporary to her repertoire. Then, in 2006 she was confronted with her destiny: zouk. She quickly fell in love with the dance and it has been her passion ever since.

Evelyn has a unique and special art of moving and interpreting the music: sensually, gracefully and fluently. She has worked with many of the best and more prolific zouk leads in the world.

According to her is dancing ‘the zouk’ a combination of creating with a lots of feeling and passion on/with the music at the same time!

Evelyn has been performing and teaching currently with several dance partners as Pasty, Adilio Porto, Mafiezouker, Xandy Liberato and many more at congresses.

At the moment she is still studying other dances and travels the world to share here passion!