Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:
Monday, 16 May 2016 17:43

Zeke Fabulosa


Zeke Ruvalcaba is a Mexican/Chicago native who has maintained the spirit of Bachata alive in Chicago for the past 5 years. Thanks to Latin Rhythms Dance Studio where Zeke is a full-time instructor/studio manager, he has been able to create an extensive Bachata curriculum that has taken Bachata to a whole other level. His creative approach in teaching has much to do with his degree in Dance and Secondary Education. Zeke has trained in Ballet, Modern and Jazz and specializes in choreography/instruction, in addition to spinning, styling and body movement. One of his strongest assets apart from his energetic and humorous personality is his ability to follow as well as he leads. On the dance floor, Zeke captivates people with his unique flamboyant style no matter what the role hes takes on the floor. Zeke has been the artistic director of his pride and joy, Estilo Dance Company and his high school group A.B.C of Lane Tech H.S. for the past five years. In addition, Zeke currently founded the Bachata All-Stars, the first Bachata dance team in the Mid-West. If teaching and directing all three groups isn't enough, Zeke's is also an aspiring Costume and Evening Wear designer having created many costumes for local and national dance teams and couples. Soon, Zeke hopes to launch his Phy-Zeke collection.

The Bachata All-Stars originated out of the student-base at Latin Rhythms. The first Bachata team of Chicago is led by their Artistic Director, Zeke Ruvalcaba. Zeke has been very instrumental in creating and pioneering the second largest and most popular dance curriculum at Latin Rhythms, as well as sparking the huge Bachata movement throughout Chicago.

Forming in the spring of 2009, the Chicago Bachata All-Stars of Latin Rhythms have wasted no time making a name for themselves locally and internationally. Since their recent conception, Bachata All-Stars of Latin Rhythms has already represented Chicago in the San Francisco Bachata Festival, DC Bachata Congress, Reno Bachata Festival, Chicago Salsa Congress and are set to be at the New York Salsa Congress, San Diego Salsa/Bachata Congress, Hawaii Bachata Festival, Sexy and Sensual Festival in London and Acapulco Salsa/Bachata Congress.

Zeke has set the goal to take the Bachata All-Stars of Latin Rhythms and Bachata to a different level and demonstrate that like Salsa, Bachata has no limits. To date, Zeke has created numerous choreography’s that have shocked audiences for its originality, while still preserving and appreciating the true essence of Bachata.



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