Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:
Saturday, 01 April 2017 18:42

Gabriel & Leticia (Argentina)

Gabriel & Leticia from Argentina have been performing and teaching at various international Congress since 2010. 
In 2007, Gabriel and Leticia began to appear in the competition at Argentina Salsa Open. And in 2009 they qualified, for the first time, to a national final. They continued presenting year after year until obtaining the title of National Champions for two consecutive years 2014/15. Classifying the World Final in Puerto Rico.
In 2011 they participated in the first bachata competition at the national level called Bachata Jam, obtaining the 1st place, and the title of National champions of Bachata.
In 2013, they traveled for the first time to Miami, to the world-wide "World Latin Dance Cup" obtaining the 4th place in the final in bachata cabaret and the 6th place in salsa cabaret.
In 2014, they traveled for the second time to the World Latin Dance Cup obtaining the 3rd place in the category of Salsa Cabaret and the title of "World Champions of the category of Bachata Cabaret". Classifies in this way the competition World Bachata Master in Madrid, Spain denominated "The competition of Champions", consagrándose like "Sub-Champions World-wide". What followed after were a series of domination...