Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:
Saturday, 01 April 2017 18:58

Nucita La Fiera (Dominican Republic)

Yes, at last, for the first time in SF, Nucita will be teaching @ San Francisco International Bachata Festival (www.sfibf.com.) Buy your passes at www.mybachatafestival.com
Nucita la Fiera is a passionate Dutch Instructor of Dominican Bachata. She lives in the Dominican Republic, and has been teaching Bachata as a fulltime job since 2004. It’s her mission to promote anything and everything regarding the Dominican Republic including its music, dance, and broader culture; everything she fell in love with!
In Holland, Nucita is known as the ‘Dutch Bachata Princess’ and is seen as the country's Bachata pioneer. Due to her Bachata School “Club Fiera – RD Bachata”, Dominican Bachata has gained a large audience in Holland; something which keeps growing and developing every year. International instructors like Jorjet and Samy el Magico often say that Holland is THE place to be if you like Dominican Bachata. No wonder that Holland is famous for its Bachata dancers and parties! Nucita is a very charismatic, easy going, and fun instructor with a big heart for the Dominican Bachata culture. She loves AND lives Bachata and the Dominican Lifestyle (in the Dominican Republic). She is known for her very structured and detailed way of teaching, but her classes have a high level of entertainment as well (because dancing should be fun). She has been teaching Dominican Bachata all over Holland and Europe and was the co-organizer of one of the most famous Bachata parties in Holland (Club Fiera Deluxe) and the Holland Bachata Festival. Together with her husband Miguel, a famous Dominican percussionist (he plays in ‘Krisspy’), she has been organizing Authentic Bachata Holidays to Rep. Dominicana since 2011. The purpose is to go ‘down-under’ in the heart of Merengue and Bachata with a small group of dancers and blend in with the locals to explore the truly authentic Dominican lifestyle. She also runs a small Bed & Breakfast in Santiago and organizes all kinds of authentic excursions and activities for dancers and non-dancers alike.
Nucita’s specialty is not only to teach the “Real Deal” Dominican Bachata, but also to explain musical interpretation. She is a musician herself (she has been playing bass guitar since she was 12) and she plays the Guira in Bachata as well. She loves to explain musicality, but more importantly, she loves to explain how to implement musicality into your dance. 
Nucita: “Musical interpretation is the key ingredient needed in order to become an amazing dancer who kills the dance floor (M/F); I would love to teach you everything I know!” Together with her husband Miguel she teaches musicality classes with live percussion. She gives workshops about the history of Bachata, Merengue, and its associated artists. Nucita continues: “A deep knowledge of the backgrounds, history, artists, culture, and etiquettes of the dance you love, will enable you to experience it much more intensely. Something which will be noticed by your dance partners as well.