Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:
Tuesday, 30 May 2017 12:05

Luis Armacanqui (Wisconsin)

A native of Lima, Perú, Luis Armacanqui was born and raised around the sounds of Afro-Latin music for as long as he can remember. However, it was in early 2011 that he found the determination to finally manifest his love for Salsa and Bachata dancing. In six immersive and constant years of traveling all over the world, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of musicology and functional technique.

Luis’ philosophy is to combine a strong knowledge of the history, purpose, and mechanics of the music in order to establish a strong foundation in the accompanying dances. This provides a freedom in the technique portion unlike any other, where students are better prepared to interpret the music in their own unique and mindful way, not relying entirely on patterns or choreographed sequences.

To achieve that mindset, Luis’ travels are not limited to the festival or congress circuit. Instead, he embarks on extended stays for intensive work with world-class dance professionals, research trips to attend seminars and lectures, instruction from established musicians, and performing music live on-stage.
Luis looks forward to sharing his love and knowledge for Bachata music at this year's San Francisco Bachata Festival! If you want the blueprint to Bachata music and even learn how to play some of the instruments, check out his workshops, find him assisting other artists with live percussion, and save him a dance on the social dance floor!