Festival Line-up
Here are the instructors for this year's festival:

Alejandro Rey

Ataca y Alemana

Bryon and Sammantha (SF)

Camille Yannantuono (Switzerland)

Corey Raynor (SF)

Corey Raynor is a longtime dancer with years of experience performing with world-class salsa dance companies such as Salsamania and Beyond Dreamz. In addition to his salsa dancing experience, Corey has also trained and competed in ballroom dancing, with numerous titles under his belt.

Following the first San Francisco International Bachata Festival, Corey started his own dance company called “Bachata Y Mas” along with his longtime partner and co-director, Mireille Ruiz. Together the two teach bachata lessons around the Bay Area, and also instruct a performance bachata team. In addition to bachata, Corey also teaches salsa at locations such as the Matrix and Taste Fridays in San Francisco.

DJ El Guapo (SF)

DJVince (LA)

Jahaira & Angelica - Lak´ech Dance Academy (SF)

Jo Quinones (LA)

Jorge Elizondo )Texas)

Juan Ruiz

Kathy Reyes (LA)

Mireille & Manny (SF)

Originally from Mexico City, Manny & Mireille have been dancing, teaching, performing, cumbia,  mexican style , since they were kids. With a background in different formal dances, like ballet , tap , jazz, gymnastics, folklorico, they have combined their techniques, with the flavor to create fun and interesting classes and performances.

Mireille Ruiz has been dancing since she was 5 years old , with a  background in, ballet , tapp , jazz, gymnastics, Folklorico, latin percussions. she has performed, taught  and competed in the most important salsa and bachata festivals (SF, RENO, LA) and congresses around USA. since 2006.

Along with her different dance partners she has created her own fun, creative, unique, playful routines and teaching style . she has run several bachata teams in San Francisco like Bachata Y Mas 2010 along  with Corey Ryanor, and Bay Area Bachateros 2011along with Bryon Stroud. Mireille Ruiz and Corey Raynor won the USA salsa championships bachata division in 2010.

Nanda Castillo (Belgium)


Ryan Rockstar & Evie (SF)

Zeke Fabulosa (Chicago)